A Beginner’s Guide To Eyebrow Kits

There are so many different types of eyebrow products out there that it can be quite overwhelming to understand and know what each one does. I am going to go more specifically into eyebrow kits and what a good kit includes. A good eyebrow kit should contain the following: pencil, gel, and highlighter. This combination will help create beautiful, natural-looking well-kept brows.


A basic eyebrow kit includes an eyebrow pencil. A great eyebrow pencil will have both a spooley (looks like a dry, unused mascara brush) which is used to blend the product into the hair fiber and mechanical pencil tip for precise application. This product is best applied in short upward strokes along the length of the brow.


No eyebrow kit is complete without a highlighter. A highlighter basically lifts, and brightens your arches drawing attention to the eyebrows and brightening the skin just around it. A good brow highlighter should be easily blendable and easy to apply. Soft and creamy is ideal.


Eyebrow gels are best for people that have brows that are sparse and and modest, but have unruly hairs that need to be tamed. Brow gels are like hairspray for you hair or mascara with the lashes. This product is best appied with short upward strokes following the direction of hair growth. A good eyebrow gel has a short tapered brush that is microfiber-infused so that it creates a thicker, fuller, and bolder brows.
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